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May, June Jazz @ Sweetwater

May 24, 2012

By Kathy Edwards McFarland

Stefan Karlsson

Sweetwater Grill & Tavern, 115 S. Elm Street in Denton, offers free Live Jazz every Tuesday and many Sundays each month, from 7-9 p.m. For more details, visit:

Summer break has scattered most University of North Texas Jazz,, students and faculty to the winds of festivals, tours, vacations and summer workshops, but Karen Meredith, owner of Sweetwater Grill & Tavern, 115 S. Elm in Denton, has ensured a steady diet of great Live Jazz for the local jazz venue’s hungry patrons.

The May 22 Jazz Night brought out the Stefan Karlsson Quartet plus two –  with Stefan directing the group from his mighty keyboard, Pete Clagett played trumpet; long-time friend and University of North Texas classmate, Shelley Carroll added his exacting saxophone style; Canadian and UNT jazz graduate Duran Ritz kept the beat going strong on drums; UNT Music Masters student Young Heo played upright bass; and Alex Cannon rounded out the band on his Gibson ES-175 guitar.

The Sweetwater Grill & Tavern patio was a very warm venue Tuesday evening, but the music with coordinated solos and improvisations was a lot hotter – and the crowd enjoyed every moment.

The nights are warmer as June approaches, but Sweetwater’s fans can still enjoy the refreshing beverages, appetizing edibles and the coolest Jazz in Denton.

  • Sunday, May 27Bubba Hernandez y Los Super Vatos,– featuring Bubba Hernandez

    Bubba Hernandez y Los Super Vatos

    on bass, Robert Hokamp on guitar, Chris Hokamp on drums, Matt Moore on saxophone and special guest Joe Cripps on percussion. The group plays “Brave Combo”-tinged music with verve and colorful styling.
    Click on link to view Bubba y los Super Vatos playing  My Big Charanga (2007):

  • Tuesday, May 29Mi Son, Mi Son, Mi Son Cuban folk/jazz band. Under the name Mi Son, Mi Son, Mi Son, David Pierce, Vocals and Trombone; Robert Gomez, Vocals and Tres*; Ross Schodek, Bass; Joe Cripps, Congas; and Jose Perez, Bongo; pays homage to the beauty and soul of Cuban Son and traditional Cuban music. The group’s instrumentation consists of 3 percussionists, bass, tres (a specialized guitar), trombone and vocals. Dancing is welcome, and the floor gets crowded quickly when Mi Son starts up. * The Cuban Tres is a guitar-like instrument with three double strings (six strings in all). It plays a key role in the Cuban “Son” musical style.
    Click to view Mi Son in action:

Looking into June

  • Jose Aponte

    Sunday, June 3Jose Aponte & Caribe Club Latin Jazz Quintet,, plays the exuberant Brazilian jazz with abundant percussion and drum influence. Cool your heels on a warm Sunday evening with this exciting Latin Jazz group.

  • Kevin Hicks and AG Robeson

    Tuesday, June 5Marshall Smith & Brazz. Marshall Smith’s all-acoustic brass quintet brings it full, resonant sound to the patio with Jazz selections from Charlie Parker to Dave Brubeck,  Duke Ellington and Dixieland. Tonight’s line-up is Marshall Smith, trumpet; Pete Clagett, trumpet; Catherine Gilstrap, French horn; Paul Burk, tenor trombone and AG Robeson, tuba and flugelhorn.

  • Tuesday, June 12Sweetwater Jazz Quartetfeaturing

    Sweetwater Jazz Quartet drummer Ron Fink and bassist Lou Carfa.

    Neil Slater, keyboard;  Jim Riggs, sax; Ron Fink, drums; and Lou Carfa, bass. The Sweetwater house band offers up their extensive repertoire of Jazz standards and tight solos to the laid-back atmosphere of the SG&T patio.

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