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A new day dawns on the Denton Jazz landscape – this blog is a dynamic, and comprehensive forum for understanding Jazz roots and history of Denton, upcoming performances at local and area venues and events, Denton musicians, their music and influence, and Jazz 101 for everyone interested to known more about this American treasure.

Kathy Edwards McFarland, writer and editor of Denton Jazz Chronicles, has years of training and experience in newspaper editing, writing and page design – and many happy years designing graphics, teaching art and painting.

“I’m not taking on this project alone,” said McFarland. “This is a community effort. Denton is known for its University of North Texas Jazz Studies Program, Jazz musicians, influences and community events. With the help of the many knowledgeable musicians, educators, civic leaders and business owners, we can bridge a communication gap, elevating Jazz appreciation in the city and beyond.”

  1. An event we’d love you to add to your event calendar.

    Excitement is in the air in Downtown Sherman. Plans are underway for an exciting event, and there is really something for everyone. Jazz bands? Check. Jugglers? Check. Magicians? Check. Mardi Gras King & Queen? Check. Crawfish Boil, Belly Dancers, Beads, Masks, Gumbo Cook-Off…check, check, check. Mardi Gras is coming to Sherman, and you want to be there!

    Performances by Justin Pierce & his Jazz band, Rod and the reporters Dixieland Band and more!!

    Red River Mardi Gras & Jazz Festival
    Downtown Sherman
    Saturday, February 22
    3:00 – 11:00 pm

    Crawfish, Gumbo, Beeds, Costumes and more! Sherman hasn’t seen anything like this before! You will have a blast and leave looking forward to Red River Mardi Gras and Jazz Festival 2015!

    Although there will be activities and performers which will certainly interest children–who doesn’t like to see a magician?–there are no activities planned for children. Also, there will be wine and beer for sale as well as festive alcoholic drinks.

    May you bring your children? Of course you may! But they will need to purchase an admission ticket. 2/$15 in advance or $10 at the event.

    For more info, check out


  2. Gary S permalink

    We are going to be in Denton for grandson’s musical event at UNT this Saturday afternoon 5-7-16. Where can we go after his choir group performance for live jazz?


  3. Thanks for contacting me – Great question … Since UNT is winding down its school year, and festivals are taking over, and Saturday is not a good night to find Jazz … I fear you may be out of luck finding local Jazz Saturday evening. My best advice is 1) Jazz Brunch at Chestnut Tree at 10 am – or 2) Live Music (not Jazz) at LSA Burgers – 7 to 10 pm. I am sure you’ll enjoy Denton’s music, be it Jazz (my favorite) or the other great music genres we have in Denton.


  4. Gary S permalink

    Thanks! Appreciate your quick reply. Guess we’ll try the LSA Burger place Saturday.


  5. Have a great weekend!


  6. Byron Parks permalink

    Mrs. MacFarland,

    I have noticed your support weekly for the DJO. We appreciate it, and your support for Jazz in general. The DJO is connected at the hip with Denton. A lot of ex 1′ Oclockers are members. Denton’s being makes Dallas and the surrounding communities a better music area.
    Thanks again!
    Byron Parks
    Co-leader of the DJO


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