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Red-hot July took me down

August 5, 2015

By Kathy Edwards McFarland

Editors Note: With North Texas days pegging at 104 degrees or better, a cautionary  tale …

Red-hot July on Walnut Street got me way down.

Red-hot July day on Walnut Street got me way down.

A few weeks ago I was helping with Walnut off the Square’s Ice Cream Crank-off on Walnut. Being unable to walk well, I sat myself in a chair at the event tent, selling Tasting Kits and t-shirts. (Tasting Kits allowed those who purchased them to sample all the ice cream varieties being made by entrants, then vote on their favorite.)

I had very little water, a cup of coffee and nothing to eat before arriving on the event street at 9 am. By 11 am, under the semi-shade of a pop-up tent, the heat began to take its toll. By noon, I had become nauseous and did not want to drink water or eat anything. I was becoming woozy and had stopped sweating. I had a very red skin, and at some point started panting.

I left with my husband at the end of the successful event at 2 pm, and upon trying to get up and out of the car in our driveway, collapsed on the hot concrete. The ambulance EMTs – Denton Fire Station 7 is just down the hill for our house – got me into the “bus,” started an IV of saline solution and and began icing me down.

In the ER, nurses, an EMT, my husband and a doctor tended to me, re-hydrating and cooling me. (My body core reached 100 and my blood pressure had dropped very low.)

Stay cool, people.

Stay cool, people.

Mine was diagnosed as “heat exhaustion,” but could have damaged my heart, liver and kidneys – that is called “heat stroke.”

After three hours, I could stand, walk and was released with the admonition – take it easy and drink a half-gallon of water in the next 12 hours. (No carbonated, sweetened or caffeinated beverages.)

Kids, don’t d as I do – do as I say, “Drink lots of water, eat and stay out of the worst heat of the day.”

The next blog post will return you to your regular Denton Jazz content.

  1. Ron Fink permalink

    Sorry to hear! Hope you are feeling better now.


  2. Yep, but I have to take it real easy and stay out of the heat … lots o’ water, too. Thanks, K.


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