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Tonight: Oui Bis (Say it again) @ Banter

October 18, 2013

Tonight at Banter Bistro, 219 W. Oak St., DentonBanter Dicscover D

6 p.m. – Oui Bis!

8 p.m. – Song & Story featuring Zach Balch, Karyna Micaela, Steve Jackson and Jessica Pardee! We have some great Singer-Songwriters lined up for tonight’s Song & Story.

Come check them out and the beer specials! $3.00 Mexican Beers and $5.00 Dogfish Punkin’ Ale and then of course there’s food!

About Oui Bis

Oui Bis (translated from the French – say it, again) is a band that provides popular music reflecting the populous. Oui Bis focuses on nostalgic styles from American culture, from modern days reaching back as far as the Civil War.

The variety of musical styles that America calls its own was first brought to our land by immigrants coming from Europe and the East, from Africa and South America. Today such ingredients come by way of convenience through the availability of online technologies: You Tube, My Space, Facebook and the like.

Oui Bis takes a slice of this richness out of the history books and cyberspace and brings it into the physical world, into coffee shops and dance halls, even into your home if you invite us.

We can be found at contra dances put on by the North Texas Traditional Dance Society, Houston Traditional Dance Society, Austin Contra Dance Groups, as well as area coffee houses. FMI:


Oui Bis, Say it again

Oui Bis is a phrase we coined comprised of two French words literally saying “yes again”. An affirmative that translates into an affirmation, asking to be reiterated, implying kudos, “bravo”, “encore”. We believe it’s worth repeating. So Oui Bis it is, Yes Again.The foundation of music built on recurring cycles, repetition that strengthens and confirms, moving forward in time.


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