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Catching up with A Taste of Herb

August 7, 2013

By Kathy Edwards McFarland

  • This evening, A Taste of Herb: The sounds of Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass play to overheated Dentonites, and commuters needing some serious decompression at Dan’s
    A Taste of Herb  Ed Steele photograph

    A Taste of Herb
    Ed Steele photograph

    Silverleaf,103 Industrial, beginning ’round 5 p.m. (This gig is free!)

A Taste of Herb

“A Taste of Herb” is the premier Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass tribute band in the North Texas – Metroplex area. ATOH is dedicated to reviving the sounds and feel of the once popular style of music. In the 1960’s, the music of Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass could be heard on the top radio shows of the time, as well as television and the big screen. The music of Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass is quirky, retro, hip, sometimes cheesy, but always groovy!

The Sounds of Herb

“I’ve never played in a tribute band before,” said trumpet player John Weir, who divides up Alpert’s smooth, fluent brass work with resident Grammy winner Danny O’Brien, best known for his Taste of Herb logowork in Brave Combo.

The band plays music mostly from Alpert’s time with the Tijuana Brass, a corps of brass men who could do an honest-to-God mariachi flourish without losing cred when the music called for jazz.

“I’m from Arkansas, and Joe [Cripps] is from Arkansas,” said Weir, waiting on a beer after the band’s happy hour set. “I met Joe one night when I went to see this band called Mi Son, Mi Son, Mi Son. I ended up sitting in with them.”

Mi Son, Mi Son, Mi Son is a popular Denton Cuban band, and Weir showed off his trumpet skills at the gig. A Taste of Herb grew out of the gig, with Cripps doing much of the connecting.

“Our whole idea was to arrange songs by the Tijuana Brass for the group, and maybe do a few of Herb’s solo pieces,” Weir said. “Herb’s sound is this beautiful sound. It’s very simple, very beautiful sound.” – From Lucinda Breeding‘s January 10, 2013 article in Denton Record-Chronicle. (

“A Taste of Herb” is based in Denton, TX and comprised of the following musicians:

  • Trumpet & Flugelhorn – John Wier
  • Trumpet & Flugelhorn – Danny O’Brien
  • Guitar – Robert Hokamp
  • Piano – Paul Slavens
  • Bass – Ross Schodek
  • Percussion – Joe Cripps
  • Drums – Tex Bosley

Keep up to date on A Taste of Herb shows at

  1. James Riggs permalink

    Wow, quite a spread.



  2. Would love to do something similar for you and the other Sweetwater Jazz Quartet members.


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