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Charneco leads Diaspora in upcoming gigs

July 20, 2013

When musicians of varying cultures and musical backgrounds come together to play music, one finds an exciting mix of Jazz – such is the case with Diaspora. Leader Tito Charneco brings together one combination of band members for a Sunday afternoon show at Fort Worth’s Times Ten Cellars, and changes the line-up for a Thursday night gig at Scat Jazz Lounge. What a treat to hear this group whatever the mix of musicians, or the venue.

Sunday, July 21: Diaspora plays their unique mix of Jazz, Times Ten Cellars, 1100 Foch Street, Fort Worth, downbeat 4 p.m.

Alex Cannon, Jose Aponte, Tito Charneco, and Dave Farrell (Diaspora) at Times Ten Cellars

Alex Cannon, Jose Aponte, Tito Charneco, and Dave Farrell (Diaspora) at Times Ten Cellars

The Sunday line-up is Jose Aponte (drums), Alex Canon (guitar), Dave Farrell (bass), and Tito Charneco on soprano & tenor saxophones.

Thursday, July 25: The band Diaspora, commonly referred to as the dispersion of people from their homeland, will play Scat Jazz Lounge, 111 W 4th St # 11, Fort Worth, 9 p.m.-1 a.m.  The lineup that evening is Jose Aponte on drums, Ross Schodek on bass, Evan Weiss on trumpet, and Tito Charneco on soprano & tenor saxophones.  There is a cover charge that evening (I believe $5, but not exactly sure on that!).

Band members are professional musicians, all at the “height of their game,” and are either University of North Texas faculty or Alumni.

Diaspora – a same-named, eight-song CD, was released in April. It is available at Core musicians on the CD are Steffan Karlsson, Fred Hamilton, Jose Aponte, Brad Leali, Tony Baker and Tito Charneco.

New CD Diaspora

New CD Diaspora

The be-bop Jazz on Diaspora is phenomenal and well worth adding to your audio library.

About Tito CharnecoTitoCharneco

Fresh of the heels of his latest musical project Diaspora, Tito Charneco‘s diverse musical background shines through in every performance. He has spent is life learning and loving music. Heavily influenced by Charlie Parker, jazz has been the driving force in Tito‘s life. A graduate of the University of North Texas Jazz Program, Charneco is a composer, arranger and jazz performer. He plays tenor, soprano and alto saxophone and in addition to writing and performing, he also does saxophone repairs.

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