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All About Jazz Is All About Buster Bailey (Today, Kinda’)

March 7, 2013

Aesthetic, not Anesthetic
Posted on March 7, 2013 by

Buster Bailey

Thrilled to see my review of Buster Bailey‘s All About Memphis on All About Jazz. It’s great to see my name on an article, but I’m even prouder of the fact that this underrated clarinetist cut an album as a leader and that he’s getting some attention today, right next to some musicians who just happen to be alive.

Incidentally, the album is available as a (cheap) download on Amazon. Perhaps with the right attention, the only thing that will be a footnote about Bailey will be his death.

Thanks for reading, and keep listening.

  1. Andrew J. Sammut permalink

    I always appreciate your sharing articles, but when it’s love for Buster Bailey, I am doubly appreciative. Thanks so much!


  2. You are very welcome, Andrew.


  3. Thanks for sharing my blog address, and the Buster Bailey post. I’m very pleased to see Jazz holds no boundaries. Please visit Andrew Summat’s “Aesthetic, not Anesthetic” blog for much more on Jazz and the Classical music genres.


  4. Began following the Southampton University Jazz Orchestra blog site – they picked up on the Buster Bailey post I reposted from your blog. “Hands across the water…”


  5. Andrew J. Sammut permalink

    That is great! Thanks for letting me know, and for helping spread the word about Bailey!


  6. You’re welcome. Will keep the lines open for more great reads from you.


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