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Weise, Johnson and Lettieri fire up Guitarmageddon

January 29, 2013

Tonight, Dan’s Silver Leaf, 103 Industrial, Denton is the place to be for red-hot guitar sets …Guitar on fire

By Pete Weise
Via Facebook Events

No, this is not a new law firm or back pain clinic. This will be the best night of your entire life. Dan’s Silver Leaf guarantees it. I believe the lineup speaks for itself – 3 guitar players playing a lot of cool stuff and playing a lot of cool tunes. Guitarmageddon, if you will.

103 Industrial Street, Denton, Texas 76201
$5 cover
18 and up most welcome

8:30 p.m.
Pete Weise Quartet with
Nick Salvucci, Jacob Smith and Zach Forsyth

9:45 p.m.
Noel Johnston Group with
Jeff Plant & Jason Thomas

11 p.m.
Mark Lettieri Group with
Jeff Plant & Jason Thomas

Now, some Jeff Beck quotes:

“It’s rewarding to be here. The little kids just love it. The weather is cooperating and everybody is coming out to grab some eggs. It’s just a few minutes but it’s a lot of fun for them.”

“I like the studio because it’s delicate; you’re working for sound. I like the garage because chopping up lumps of steel is the exact opposite of delicate. The garage is a more dangerous place though. I’ve never almost been crushed by a guitar, but I can’t say the same about one of my Corvettes.”

“Hi Ho Silver Lining”

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