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What to do on First Tuesday in December?

December 3, 2012

By Kathy Edwards McFarland, and contributions by “Mister Joe” Pinsonholiday lighting

Choices, choices – Tuesday, Dec. 4, offers a mighty plethora (flash on “The Three Amigos”) of Live Jazz performances in downtown Denton. Put on your Santa hat and join your friends for a early December evening of Christmas scenes and sounds.

Tuesday, December 4: 

  • Riggs/Slater/Seaton Jazz Experience (A trio with talent, experience and a really cool vibe – Jim Riggs on sax, Neil Slater playing keyboard and Bassist Lynn Seaton laying down the bass line) at Dan’s Silver Leaf, 130 Industrial, Denton, (Just a few blocks from the A-Train station) at 5 p.m. – FREE – followed by Paul Slavens and Friends at 10 p.m. – FREE FMI:
  • The Fred Hamilton Group offers a hip Jazz groove for your evening dining – and drinking – pleasure at Sweetwater Grill & Tavern, 150 S. Elm St., Denton, from 7 – 9 p.m. – FREE. 

Reminder: Help out Sweetwater’s Holiday Giving to the adopted family, or to the 200 soles being fed Christmas Day. FMI:
  • Mister Joe & Friends

    Mister Joe & Friends

    First Tuesday music-making continues with Mister Joe Jazz Band, Dixieland at its best, at Banter Bistro – Denton, 219 W. Oak St., Denton, 8 p.m., followed by Le Not So Hot Klub du Denton at 9 p.m. – FREE FMI:

From Thad Bonduris, LNSHK leader – We’ve always like to end the year (since 2004) with a “bang,” throwing in some Holiday music, having special guests, and even going a little longer, if everyone seems game!
One of our special guests will be, none other than, Mrs. Kimberly Ann Cooper – and if SHE’S there, you know else will be!
Even if you haven’t been coming lately, this is one you won’t wanna miss!
Andy, and the Band, would be greatly honored with your presence!

Le Not So Hoy Klub du Denton - Gypsy Jazz tonight!

Le Not So Hoy Klub du Denton – Gypsy Jazz tonight!

And, as always, Mister Joe and his Dixieland group will be kicking things off at 8 p.m..


FYI for Andy Cooper fans and friends …

Another Andy Milestone
Written Nov 29, 2012 by Harriet Moore

I think that Andy Cooper is nothing short of amazing!!!  I can say that because I’m his sister, but I bet all of you would wholeheartedly agree with me that this past year Andy has shown impressive strength and fortitude in his fight to get back to normal!  We are celebrating Andy’s last day at CNS with a going away party tomorrow.  Ending his daily road trips to Irving (ugh, that’s a lot of time on I-35!), he will be transferring to a facility at Denton Regional Hospital where he will continue his various therapies.  While his wheelchair is still a necessity, he has been relying more and more on using his cane to get around (see picture).  Go ahead – stand up and applaud loudly!  And while we’re all clapping, let’s also give a big hand to Teresa who is doing a fantastic job making sure that Andy’s move back home has been as smooth as possible.  It’s an adjustment for both of them, for our whole family, but when you constantly see improvements like we witness each day, it makes it so worthwhile to know that everything is gonna be alright.  Life has changed, YES!  But it’s gonna be okie dokie!   :-)))))

Andy Cooper visits Banter Bistro for a First Tueday performance.

Andy Cooper visits Banter Bistro for a First Tuesday performance.

If you’d like to send a greeting card or a short note of congratulations to Andy, I believe most of you have his and Teresa’s home address, but if you don’t, you can respond in the Caring Bridge guestbook and leave me your email address and I will then send you their address (I’m a little reluctant to post it here).

As always, our family is grateful for all the love and support everyone has shown us, and we hope everyone has a joyous holiday season!!!

  1. James Riggs permalink

    Kathy, no need to change it for today, but Dan asked us to play from 5:30 – 7:30. At first it WAS 5-7 but then he changed it. He hasn’t had it changed on his website yet, but 5:30 – 7:30 is our current time slot. If he asks us to play more dates, this will probably be the times. Jim Riggs


  2. Sorry, Jim, I saw your comment the day after – thanks for the info. I’ll check you later.


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