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Jazz with Brazz @ Mellow Mushroom

April 19, 2012

Sunday, April 22:

The latest addition to Denton Jazz venues is the Mellow Mushroom, 217 E. Hickory St., Denton. For more information and full menu, click:

The all-brass (and all acoustic) quintet, Brazz, will play on the patio at Mellow Mushroom, Sunday, Noon-3 p.m.

The new pizza and beer place has a casual vibe and Sunday-afternoon, brassy Jazz on the patio takes your Earth Day experience to a great level.

The latest line-up of Brazz is Marshall Smith, trumpet; Jordan Gheen on trumpet; Catherine Gilstrap, French horn; trombonist Kevin Hicks; and A.G. Robeson on Bass trombone and tuba. But substitutions on some of the “chairs” will take place, according to Brazz leader Marshall Smith.

Marshall Smith, left, and Jordan Gheen

Marshall Smith has led the band for “five or six years,” (and 40 years leading various versions of the band) but professes to get band members “better than me,” usually from the One O’Clock Lab Band, “so they really elevate my playing.” Brazz encompasses the pop, classical and jazz genres, but will ramp up an exclusive jazz playlist for the Mellow Mushroom serenade.

Some of the music you’ll hear at Mellow Mushroom include a mix of Dixieland to straight ahead jazz ala Charlie Parker.

Smith enriches listeners by introducing each song with a bit of history or an interesting anecdote about the piece. “Actually, since endurance is a real factor in playing brass instruments, the introductions gives us a chance to rest before starting the next song,” Smith said.

Spoiler Alert: Brazz on the Patio may be a regular Sunday attraction at Melow Mushroom as long as the weather cooperates.

Kevin Hicks, left, and A.G. Robeson

Catherine Gilstrap

  1. How are you doing Marshall?
    Remember me from UNT & Super Blue Green Algae?


  2. Marshall doesn’t visit my blog site – he is very low tech. He doesn’t even have a computer. Sorry, kiddo.


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