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Mi Son, Mi Son, Mi Son: Denton Jazz meets Cuban folk music

March 9, 2012
This merry band of University of North Texas-schooled professional musicians enjoys getting together to play Latin Cuban Son Changui, at Sweetwater Grill & Tavern, 115 S. Elm St in Denton, one Tuesday evening a month. FMI:
Under the name Mi Son, Mi Son, Mi Son, David Pierce, Vocals and Trombone; Robert Gomez, Vocals and Tres*; Ross Schodek, Bass; Joe Cripps, Congas; and Jose Perez, Bongo; pay hommage to the beauty and soul of Cuban Son and traditional Cuban music. The group’s instrumentation consists of 3 percussionists, bass, tres (a specialized guitar), trombone and vocals. Dancing is welcome, and the floor gets crowded quickly when Mi Son starts up.
* The Cuban Tres is a guitar-like instrument with three double strings (six strings in all). It played a key role in the Cuban “Son” musical style.
Son De La Loma – very traditional Cuban Son. Click to view: PRDd7pp7Wjo
Cubanismo Son is a style of popular dance music that originated in the Oriente province of Cuba. It is the foundation of modern salsa. There are several hybrids of Son, including Son-montuno, Afro-son and Guajira-son.
FYI: Cuban music is a myriad of styles and genres, with a long history. While influences from Africa and Spain were predominant, Cuban music has also been shaped by the music of Europe, Latin-America and American pop music and jazz.

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