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Eddie Gomez Trio – oh, whatta night

February 28, 2012

Saturday last @ Dan’s Silver Leaf was jammed-packed with UNT Jazz Faculty, retired faculty, students and a smattering of us “non-reg” Jazzers, standing and sitting elbow-to-elbow to take in up-right bass performer, recording artist, composer, educator and featured guest artist Eddie Gomez and his Trio – Stefan Karlsson, ( keyboard vituoso, and drummer-par-excellence Ed Soph.

Click to view: Gomez, Karlsson and Soph in Vänersborg, March 10, 2011.

For more than two hours, Gomez’s group played standards and original compositions – all with the Gomez style of free-form, seeming improvosation, but with strident sets of drum (Soph) and keyboard (Karlsson) solos.

Most times, noise, conversation and other distractions competes with great live music in a club or bar venue.

But this performance held the attention of all – reminding me of a college lecture class, or a church sermon.

Click to view: Gomez, Karlsson and Soph playing ‘All the Things You Do.’

Gomez introduced each number with light banter, or interesting background.

Song stand-outs included Blues for Gwen, All Blues (Miles Davis) and a soulful original composition – Letter to my Father and Mother. The last, Gomez took up his bow to create a beautiful, sometimes eerie, recollection of his parents, who have passed away.

Karlsson, Soph and Gomez will perform and lecture on University of North Texas campus, Denton, then take their tour to Houston, Austin, Flower Mound and Denver … and soon – one hopes – back to Dan’s.

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