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Crazy Rhythm , Let’s Pretend that There’s a Moon

February 26, 2012

Re-posted from Jazz Lives

“There” is Boston Swing Central (

Dancing at Boston Swing Central

on Feb. 3, 2012; the participants were the Grand Street Stompers, directed by Gordon Au, with expressive singing by Tamar Korn. Performers include Dennis Lichtman, Nick Russo and Genevieve Rose.

Here’s the gleeful late-Twenties confession that jazz has the same mind-altering powers as other illicit substances, Crazy Rhythm:

Click to view: Crazy Rhythm

And for some faux-astronomy but real romance, here’s Let’s Pretend That There’s a Moon (first crooned by that master of the erogenous zones, Thomas Waller):

Click to view: Let’s Pretend That There’s a Moon  – and Click here to view Fat’s Waller singing this song: Fat’s Waller – Let’s Pretend That There’s a Moon (Students, compare and contrast)

Both of these videos were posted by dirtywaterlindy on YouTube — to Ms. or Mr. Lindy, we give thanks — also to Tamar, Gordon, Dennis, Nick, and Genevieve, and the organizers of Boston Swing Central.

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