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Live @ Cafe du Luxe

February 13, 2012

3101 Unicorn Lake Blvd Denton, Texas 76210
940-382-7070 (p)

Live Music. Ever wish you had a place you could go to listen to some music while enjoying your favorite bottle of wine? Cafe Du Luxe is it. We feature some of Denton’s most talented musicians on most Saturday evenings from 8 – 10 p.m. There’s no cover charge and the kitchen is open. So stop in, order a glass of wine, maybe a dessert and enjoy the music!

Featured artists include Katarina Cruz, Katya Aubry and Jennifer Escue. (Schedule subject to change.)

Denton Vocalist Jennifer Escue entertains Cafe du Luxe patrons during the Saturday Night live music sets, 8-10 p.m.

Does the sound system in your café remind you of your first car stereo? Well, that’s about to change. Café Du Luxe utilizes sound reproduction equipment usually reserved for the recording studio. Yamaha sound reproduction and fully digital recordings fill the café with the finest sound you’ve ever heard. Our Music Menu has been designed to provide our guests with specific music genres on different days of the week and at different times of the day. See our Music Menu to find out when the music you most enjoy is playing.

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