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February 3, 2012

Le Not So Hot Klub du Denton plays at Banter Bistro

Do you dig Duke Ellington? Does “Mood Indigo” float your boat? When Brubeck‘s “Take Five” revs up, do your feet want to dance? Can get enough of Ella, or Satchmo, Miles or the Bird?

But wait … how about Brad Leali, Drew Phelps, Jim Riggs, Rosana Eckert, or Dave Zoller? And you with raised eyebrows ask, who?

Denton Jazz Chronicles is about to bridge the musical great divide. We are going to open some doors, knock down some walls, and re-work how the Denton community embraces its jazz connections.

Join the ride into the history of jazz at University of North Texas, the influences local musicians have made on the world of jazz, and the latest local jazz events and performance schedules, so you can plan  musical evening out, a rousing day at the Denton Arts & Jazz Festor an afternoon on the courthouse square.

Denton County Courthouse long

Denton County Courthouse long (Photo credit: QuesterMark)

We got shades of Thelonious Monk, Sergio Mendes, Dixieland by way of the N’awlins Gumbo Kings, and vintage sounds of Le Not So Hot Klub du Denton (

This is the place.

The stories and music are rich and varied, and we are looking for contributors to help create the best resource on all things Jazz from and about Denton.

Looking forward to a long run and exciting experience.

  1. Thanks for providing this wealth of information for the Denton community. It is a great way to support and enjoy the incredible jazz we have available in this area!


  2. Thanks so much for providing this great blog. This will be a valuable tool in helping people support the local jazz scene we have in Denton. And what a scene it is!


  3. Glad to see you going to the blog. Even while crawling before we walk, great response. Grooming contributors, and contacts. Will spread the word in person tonight at Sweetwater, then Banter. Might have to brush my hair, put on some lipstick …


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